Monday, February 13, 2006

At the Intersection: Defending Evolution as a Matter of Political Strategy

Last week over on Chris Mooney’s blog The Intersection was a thoughtful and thought- provoking discussion about strategies for “defending” evolution. (I put “defending” in quotes because I prefer to “support” evolution.) Following a lengthy post outlining Chris’s disagreement with PZ Meyers (Pharyngula) over whether we should be trotting out “scientists who reconcile faith and evolution (aka Ken Miller) to reach the broader American public” is an even lengthier series of comments.

This discussion is a keeper – which is why I’m linking to it here.


Anonymous Colin Purrington said...

Any strategy that doesn't target young kids seems, to me, a waste of time. Kids in kindergarten are asking where we are from, whether the sun orbits the earth, and where lighting comes from. They are getting these questions answered, but not necessarily with scientific explanations. Supporters of science need to focus more on reaching this population, and spend proportionately less on the adult population that is unlikely to abandon superstition.

2/17/06, 9:08 AM  

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