Thursday, October 20, 2005

What did the Czech Republic ever do to deserve this?

I was supposed to travel to Kansas today to attend Chimpanzoo 2005, being held at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge in Salina. Since I couldn’t make it this year (bummer), I figured at least I could go there virtually with a visit to the Red State Rabble blog, where I frequently stop to find some well-written mid-western common sense. And there I found a link to this wonderful editorial in the Prague Post with a nice dose of central European common sense.

Apparently some ID advocates are attempting to spread pseudo-science to Europe and are holding some sort of conference in Prague this week. The Prague Post editorial board notes:

[I]n a few years, Intelligent Design will be little more than a curious historical detour on the road to knowledge, like a giant ball of twine on a long highway's roadside, interesting only for its oddity.

But it is surprising in this day and age that some religious theorists continue to feel compelled to impose theological concepts on the scientific world — a practice just as preposterous as if physics tried to explain the difference between good and evil or the meaning of life. And in a way, needing to cloak a religious doctrine with the veneer of science is almost an admission of its defect — true faith doesn't require scientific proof, since the definition of faith is to have belief in the absence of proof.


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