Sunday, June 17, 2007

Long time. no post

Yes, I know. I haven't blogged in a very, very, very long time. But hey, when you think about how old the world is -- and I don't mean 6,000 years -- it's been less than a nanosecond.

I haven't been ignoring the issues. In fact, I spend way too much time reading other blogs. And letters to the editor. And books even. (Read Ed Humes' Monkey Girl. Very good.) Not sure I have anything more to add on the subject of this blog, although it still fascinates me.

In a couple of months I will be heading out on a 2-month trip around the country. Some days of hard driving and some days volunteering at primate sanctuaries. I intend to start a new blog to document my adventures. I'll link from here just in case anyone -- anyone at all? -- is the least little bit interested.

I may be passing through Cincinnati, which is apparently not far from the new Creation "Museum." I can't imagine that I would feel inclined to give them any of my money, but if I found a free pass or a deeply discounted ticket ... well, maybe I would subject myself to the experience. In which case I would definitely report back here.

Still, I think the odds are pretty slim. I'd rather go to the Cincinnati and Columbus zoos where, I understand, they have bonobos. A much more interesting use of my precious time.

Sooooo. If there is anyone out there reading this, check back again around Labor Day for a link to the trip blog. (Don't know yet what I will title it.) Better yet, leave a comment.

[Note: The invitation to leave a comment does NOT apply to presidential candidates or to individuals with a tenuous grasp of reality -- and you know who you are.]